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About Escrow.com and eBay Motors

Escrow.com is proud to partner with eBay Motors, a popular marketplace that focuses on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. Escrow.com is a licensed and regulated online escrow service recommended by eBay to protect Buyers and Sellers during their transaction. As a third-party financial organization, Escrow.com ensures that your transactions on eBay Motors will be processed quickly, safely, and securely.

Why use Escrow.com to Purchase Your Next Vehicle?

As a fully licensed and accredited escrow company, Escrow.com gives you security and peace of mind when you buy your vehicle. It's simple, safe and protects all parties involved.
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    Avoid Scams

    As a licensed online escrow service we are a trusted third party who holds the fund during the Vehicle transaction. Instructions are provided securely through our secure online portal.

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    Inspect Before You Release Funds

    Buyers get to inspect the vehicle before accepting. Escrow.com protects sellers, too, with no chargebacks, ever.

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    Identity of Buyer and Seller Verified

    When making the transaction, the buyer and seller profile are verified to ensure both parties are protected during the transaction.

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    Market Your Vehicle to Interstate Buyers

    With Escrow.com as the chosen payment method on eBay Motors, funds are held safely in escrow while the vehicle is tracked and delivery is verified. Selling a vehicle over a long distance is easy and safe with Escrow.com.

Know the buyer is serious before the inspection.

Buyers can select Escrow.com directly from eBay Motors

Escrow.com is the safer way to pay for your used vehicle on eBay Motors. Instead of traveling with large amounts of cash, or receiving a check that could bounce, using an escrow account makes everyone safer.

Escrow.com makes sure that the seller gets paid and the buyer gets what they paid for.

Escrow.com's Simple 5 Step Process:

  1. The Buyer Initiates a Purchase Through eBay Motors.
  2. The Buyer Pays Escrow.com. The Buyer sends a payment to Escrow and deposits the agreed-upon amount via Escrow.com. Escrow.com then verifies the payment and notifies the Seller.
  3. The Seller Ships the Vehicle to the Buyer. After payment verification, Escrow.com notifies the Seller to send the vehicle and tracking information to the Buyer.
  4. The Buyer Inspects and Accepts the Item. The Buyer inspects the vehicle and has the option to accept or reject the vehicle.
  5. The Seller is Paid by Escrow.com. The seller is paid via Escrow and receives the payment when both parties are satisfied with the transaction. The transaction is complete and Escrow.com releases the payment to the Seller.

Simple and transparent pricing

With low minimum fees and pricing as low as 0.89%, Escrow.com is cheaper than credit cards and many other payment methods. Additionally other payment providers may allow a transaction to be reversed or "charged back" for up to 6 months after settlement, while Escrow.com transactions are safe and final.

Transaction Amount (Merchandise + Shipping)
Fees for Transaction
Transaction Amount (Merchandise + Shipping)
Fees for Transaction
Transaction Amount (Merchandise + Shipping)
Fees for Transaction
$162.50 + 0.26% of amount over $5000
Transaction Amount (Merchandise + Shipping)
$25,000.01 +
Fees for Transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Escrow.com?

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Escrow.com is a fully accredited and licensed escrow company in 48 US states. To date, Escrow.com has securely handled over $5 billion in transactions.


What is escrow?

An escrow is a financial and legal agreement where a neutral third party (Escrow.com) temporarily holds a sum of money until the item being purchased has been delivered by the Seller to the Buyer and both parties are satisfied.


How does Escrow.com protect Buyers and Sellers?

Both the Buyer and the Seller benefit from using Escrow.com to monitor and transact the exchange of the payment for each transaction. Escrow.com verifies the Buyer's and Seller's information, protecting both parties from fraudulent users. We hold onto funds while the goods move, the services are completed, and both the Buyer and Seller are satisfied with their transaction.


Without Escrow.com, the Buyer would be at risk of losing all their funds. The Buyer is given the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before Escrow.com releases the funds to the Seller. The Seller isn't paid until the Buyer accepts the vehicle, or the agreed-upon inspection period expires. If there is an issue with your purchase, you can return the vehicle to the Seller and have your funds returned to you from your escrow account subject to the terms of the General Escrow Instructions.


The Seller is notified to ship the vehicle after Escrow.com verifies the Buyer's funds. After the Seller provides their tracking information, Escrow.com verifies the delivery of a trackable vehicle to the Buyer. Escrow.com ensures that the Seller receives their funds once the vehicle is delivered to the Buyer. The Seller is also protected from any unexpected chargebacks.

How can you use Escrow.com on eBay?

Escrow.com is currently available in the United States in the following eBay categories:

  1. 1. Cars & Trucks
  2. 2. Classic Cars
  3. 3. Collector Cars
  4. 4. Electric & Hybrid Cars
  5. 5. Exotic Cars
  6. 6. Boats
  7. 7. Commercial Trucks
  8. 8. Motorcycles
  9. 9. Powersports
  10. 10. RVs & Campers
  11. 11.Trailers
  12. 12. Other Vehicles

How long does the escrow process take?

Transacting an online store through Escrow.com usually takes between five and twenty days. This allows time for the online store to be transferred and the buyer to make sure all assets are as described. The length of the transaction depends upon:

  1. 1. The inspection period agreed upon by both parties.
  2. 2. The Buyer's payment method.
  3. 3. Delivery time from Seller to Buyer.
  4. 4. Seller's selected disbursement option.

How does Escrow.com protect me?

With Escrow.com, every step in your transaction is verified with proven tracking and verification procedures.

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Where do I send my payment?

Your payment should be sent only after you select the payment method available on your transaction screen. Banking details will be provided to you via email once your transaction has been agreed.

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What happens to my money when I send it to Escrow.com?

Your funds remain in our secured escrow non-interest bearing trust account until the transaction concludes.