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How quickly are incoming payments processed?

Wire Transfers: It depends upon your financial institution; some require a few hours or even a few days before they can wire funds. We process wire transfers throughout the business day upon receipt.

Credit Cards: Payments with credit cards are processed usually within one business day.

PayPal: Payments received in's PayPal account are usually processed within one business day. Please note that not all PayPal payments are received instantly into our PayPal account. PayPal payments sent from a Buyer's bank account take four or more days to be received into's PayPal account.

Checks and Money Orders: All types of checks and money orders are not approved until 10 business days after receives the payment; with the exception of U.S. Postal money orders which can be verified upon receipt. does not accept any type of check or money order over our $2000.00 limit, when drawn from a bank outside the United States, or checks drawn off a credit card.

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